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Fabric distinguishes. Metal refines. Progress inspires

Fabric distinguishes. Metal refines. Progress inspires


Fabric distinguishes. Metal refines. It’s not just a slogan but a timeless trend that redefines the approach to creative design and ambitious investments. The limitless potential of spatial forms and patterns of architectural meshes and grids remains largely undiscovered. It’s astonishing, as the avant-garde of contemporary architecture recognised it a long time ago.

Renowned architecture offices in Poland and worldwide have recognised the incredible potential of woven meshes and welded grids, often called metal fabrics. Their applications enrich the portfolios of many prestigious firms such as JEMS Architekci, APA Wojciechowski, Kuryłowicz & Associates, Atelier Loegler, Maison Edouard François, Wilmotte & Associés and David Chipperfield Architects. Projects such as the facades of Perfumiarnia in Wilson Park in Poznań, ceilings of the Polish Embassy in Berlin, wall claddings of the Varso Tower or the lift enclosures of Elektrownia Powiśle are excellent examples of how their original character and unique properties are skilfully exploited. Fascinating details and intricate craftsmanship make them even more attractive on closer inspection. This is something that many would like to experience more often.

In the world of modern architecture and design, innovation knows no bounds. The search for unique, versatile and high-quality materials that enhance the aesthetics of buildings and interiors has led to the emergence of metal mesh and grilles as true architectural masterpieces. By choosing them, we manifest quality, innovation and artistic excellence.

Their fascination lies in their ability to manipulate light and shadow. They allow architects to create dynamic and ever-changing facades and interiors. As the sun’s position changes, the building’s appearance evolves, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. This effect attracts attention and leaves a lasting impression, making architectural design incredibly alluring and inspiring.

In addition to their aesthetic value, these materials offer practical benefits in interior and exterior applications. Woven metal mesh can act as solar shading, providing energy-efficient solutions by reducing surface heating of the building while allowing natural light to pass through. They can also enhance security by working as a protective barrier or privacy screen. Welded gratings, on the other hand, provide non-slip surfaces on walkways, bridges, or stairs. Their durability and structural integrity make them ideal for heavy-duty applications without sacrificing aesthetics.

Metal grilles and meshes are not just a building material but a design element representing the highest standard of architectural finishes. Their intricate patterns, textures and three-dimensional effects add depth, character and elegance through the aesthetics of different types of steel (stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, copper, brass and bronze), transforming spaces into visual masterpieces. Importantly, they are designed to stand the test of time. Manufactured from high-quality materials, including stainless steel, they resist corrosion and consumption, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance costs. This saves on maintenance costs and contributes to the project’s sustainable development.

The brand constantly invests in research and developing new technical solutions while improving environmental parameters. PROGRESS ARCHITECTURE’s commitment to the planet includes environmental protection, regeneration, and resource conservation. The mesh and grill systems are manufactured in Poland from renewable materials, and every stage of production and associated logistics is continuously evaluated for environmental performance. The team’s priority is to create a product catalogue that effectively improves the energy efficiency of the buildings in which it is used.

As a result, PROGRESS ARCHITECTURE has the expertise and bespoke service to provide real project support for architects and investors. Their extensive portfolio and over 35 years of experience are a source of inspiration for the most challenging contemporary projects. The company’s mission is to be a driver of positive change in design, technology and environmental impact, and its modular mesh and grid systems are innovative products that set new quality standards in modern architecture and interior design.


Architectural grids and grilles are a modern manifestation of aesthetics and functionality in a unique metal-walled form. It is an art that redefines space, adds depth and durability to projects and enriches the portfolios of renowned architectural offices around the world.