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Hala Koszyki Warsaw/Poland

Hala Koszyki Warsaw/Poland


One of the very interesting challenges that we have completed together with the JEMS Architekci design studio in our long history was a well-known and popular place in Warsaw – Hala Koszyki. In 2012, the historic building of a deteriorating shopping hall, standing on a plot of over one hectare, was bought by Griffin Real Estate. The investor decided to give this building a second life and restore Hala Koszyki to its former glory. However, because it was a historic building, everything had to be designed under the watchful eye of the conservator and with his approval.

In modern public buildings, expectations regarding doors are at a very high level, both in terms of aesthetics, safety and functional values. GEZE, as a specialist in this field, was therefore an excellent partner for the JEMS Architekci design studio. We were able to work together and discuss existing challenges and propose the best solutions. They had to be fully compatible with the intelligent building and be fully compatible with the planned central operating system, including the access control system. It was also extremely important to take into account safety requirements and fire regulations, especially in communication routes and escape routes. One of the most interesting elements was the tall and heavy antique door that had to be automated. The installation conditions were also quite a challenge due to restrictions on the possibility of disturbing the historic structure and the floor. Experienced GEZE assembly teams also coped in this area.

The work lasted several years, and JEMS Architekci design studio, in cooperation with GEZE designers and technical advisors and the general contractor, created a space that was coherent in terms of style and use. In the fall of 2016, Hala Koszyki returned to the map of Warsaw as a unique social and culinary point, where you can take advantage of the offers of several restaurants and bars or buy food products to use at home. The facility also includes fitness rooms and art galleries. Additionally, a comfortable underground parking lot was provided, which is extremely important in the very center of the city.

The following GEZE products were used in the building:

  • Sliding door drives of various types (GEZE Slimdrive, GEZE ECdrive, GEZE Powerdrive)
  • Powerturn IS swing door drives
  • Integrated and overhead door closers

We are particularly proud that for several years our solutions and devices have made the lives of hundreds of thousands of customers who willingly visit Hala Koszyki in Warsaw easier. The main entrance to a building with very heavy traffic is particularly important. It is like a showcase of the facility and often makes the first impression on new guests. Such effects give us satisfaction from our daily work, which often lasts many months and is invisible to end users.

Mariusz Grabek, Project Director, GEZE Polska Sp. z o. o.

It can be say that this type of historic, demanding objects are our specialty. Many years of experience around the world and a professional team of designers and technical advisors available on site translate into good cooperation with the design studio and the preparation of the most tailored solutions.

Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski, Architekt, Partner at JEMS Architects

Houses are not walls, not bricks, not dead stones. Houses are people, their lives, emotions, memories. Their today and tomorrow. Only by bringing life into the walls of a monument can we read its former splendor.